Dental Compounding Pharmacy

OrgLife is ready to create customized medications for your personal oral health, tooth pain and dentistry needs. We fulfill prescription for Magic mouthwash and other treatments.

Customized Dental Compounding for Your Oral Health

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  • Customized Dosage Forms Such as Gels and Pastes

How Compounding Aids in Dentistry

Compounding modification is the art of modifying existing medications into completely new treatments. Whether it’s adjusting the strength of dosage or mixing two medications together, compounding opens many new avenues for improving your personal health. 

Compounding medicine is not limited to the traditional ailments and conditions a general physician may treat. In fact, compounded medications can also be used for dentistry and dental treatments, tooth pain and oral health issues that patients may experience. During a trip to the dentist, a patient may experience pain as a result of the treatment or as a result of gum disease and other painful oral conditions. Compounding medications can create a variety of effective topical treatments for canker sores, surgery pain, gum disease, tooth pain and oral ulcers. 

Dentists can also use compounding to create effective magic mouthwash recipes for treating oral mucositis, along with changing the flavor of oral medicine to make it more palatable. Whatever your dental health needs are, visit OrgLife Pharmacy today for personalized oral medication such as Magic mouthwash.

OrgLife Pharmacy & Compounding

Step into OrgLife Pharmacy and Compounding in the heart of Studio City—your destination for tailored healthcare. Our caring professionals are here to guide you and your pets with personalized solutions and natural product options.

With a commitment to convenience, we work with most insurances and take pride in our efficient, welcoming service. Trust OrgLife for a seamless pharmacy experience as you embark on a healthier path.

Elizabeth Dyment

Pharmacist in Charge

Elizabeth Dyment brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Orglife Pharmacy and Compounding. With a passion for pharmaceutical science and a dedication to patient-centered care, Elizabeth has been a driving force in shaping our pharmacy's mission to deliver unparalleled service and quality.

Elizabeth's journey in pharmacy began with a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. After earning her degree in pharmacy and gaining valuable experience in various healthcare settings, Elizabeth recognized the transformative potential of compounding pharmacy. Inspired by the opportunity to address individual health needs with customized medications, she embarked on a mission to establish Orglife Pharmacy and Compounding as a beacon of excellence in compounding.

As our Pharmacist-in-Charge, Elizabeth Dyment is not only a leader in compounding innovation but also a trusted partner in your healthcare journey. Her unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and efficacy ensures that every compounded medication meets the highest standards of excellence. Elizabeth's dedication extends beyond the pharmacy counter – she believes in forging strong relationships with patients and healthcare providers, fostering open communication, and empowering individuals to take control of their health.